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Victor Power

Title: Power's Obituary Notice
Type: Newspaper
Date: April 6, 1926
Source: Hibbing Daily News

Description: Power's death in April of 1926 came as a shock to local residents.


Won State-Wide Reputation in Political Circles

The passing of Mr. Power removes from the village of Hibbing its most noted and best known personage. Well-known person. It was largely through his activities toward municipal improvements during the ten years that he served as mayor that Hibbing was given the name of being "the richest village in the world." And as mayor of "the richest village of the world," his fame spread not only throughout the state of Minnesota, but throughout the entire northwest.

His fame was more than local Beyond his home town. and several times he was urged to become candidate for governor of Minnesota. Each time, however, he refused. In 1922 he did file as a candidate for the republican nomination for United States senator but was eliminated in the primaries. Was not chosen as his party's candidate. In 1924 his friends persuaded him to file for congressman on the republican ticket in this, the eighth district. He was successful in a vigorous primary campaign and easily won the nomination of that party. In the general election in November, 1924, he was defeated by Congressman William Carss in a nip and tuck political battle.

Close election.

By political friend and foe alike he was regarded as fearless and resourceful.