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Eva McDonald Valesh

Title: Valesh Lists Her Accomplishments
Type: Letter
Date: no date
Source: Minnesota Historical Society

Description: Valesh wrote these notes in a letter to a friend who was preparing her biography. Valesh describes her work for the newspapers and the labor movement.


Eva McDonald - born in Orono, ME Sept. 9, 1866

Moved to Minnesota in 77 - was educated in Mpls graduating from the High school at the age of 15. Learned the printers trade and in due time became a member of the Typographical Union — Still hold a card from the union.

Kept store and worked in various stores and factories until the age of 20.

Attended the teachers training school one year and graduated.

In March 1887 began a series of articles on "Working Women" for the Globe. Began to speak about that time. Made first speech in Duluth June, 1887.

Did newspaper work and continued speaking until Jan 1. 91 Was elected State Lecturer of Alliance on that date. Elected asst U.S. Lecturer Alliance A political reform group. Jan 28, 91 at Omaha.

Married June 2, 91

Now speaking for Peoples party.

Reform movement.