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Eva McDonald Valesh

Title: Article About Eva Valesh
Type: Newspaper
Date: 1891
Source: The Great West

Description: This short article describes the effect Valesh had on those who disagreed with her and her role in society.


We do not deny Miss Eva's ability — nor her convictions. But we do think she permitted herself to over-estimate herself, and yet be led by her powerful plutocratic Wealthy, powerful. connections to seek her own welfare to the injury of the alliance. We entertain no malice Ill will. towards this young lady — not a grain. Her abilities are such that if she will come out from behind this presuming on account of her sex, cultivate the womanhood which has distinguished the eminent members of her sex, and above all let the sad wants of humanity inspire her to more of the tender, and less spitfire, Quick-tempered person. a great future will yet await her.