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photo of a plane crashWhile some records of history will disappear as a result of natural disasters, others can be saved. The Minnesota Historical Society has conservators and other knowledgeable staff to help people identify what can be saved.

However, resources may be lost if assessment and restorative action are not taken immediately. These situations may seem discouraging at first, but with careful planning and sensitive attention, even severely damaged personal items, records and buildings may be returned to their former quality.

Minnesotans can receive information on restoring different kinds of belongings and properties. The Society will advise individuals with questions as varied as how to save a family Bible, how to remove mud stains from an heirloom rocker, or whether a silt-soaked wedding gown can be salvaged. The information below includes recommendations for saving damaged family collectibles, paper, books, photographs, textiles, and ceramic, wood or metal items.

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Emergency Salvage Procedures for Wet Items

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